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About Us

Goosbery, steps in publication field with a social awareness and commitment that the present socio-political situations compels. As discernible, books and reading always had a great role in determine the people’s political and social decisions. Goosbery’s book publishing attempt starts from the realization of this important social and historical role of books and reading. Goosebery would like to follow an approach in publication that is quiet open and inclusiveness of different approaches in thought and creativity.

Above all, Goosebery publication is a team work that give prime importance to social and economic justice. We committed to support flourish differences of opinions and healthy controversies and give importance to new and promising writers.

We seek everybody’s support with this publishing endeavor — a realization of a long cherished dream of the team; lovers of Books of Value!
Goosebery Publications located in Thrissur and cover its services and participation with worldwide Malayalam Readers and positive discussions

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